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    This area of the Gyrodyne Helicopter Historical Foundation (GHHF) web site is devoted to the training of DASH Controllers (both DECK and CIC) and for those interested in HOW the QH-50D drone operates within the DASH program. The Ten separate sections within this area constitutes the FLIGHT MANUAL for the QH-50D DASH Weapon System. 


This Flight Manual contains descriptive and procedural information for the Navy Model QH-50D Drone and Target Control System AN/SRW-4B. The purpose of this manual is to acquaint you (drone controllers) with the drone and its guidance system, and to provide normal and emergency operating procedures.

It must be remembered that the vehicle described in this manual is unique in that it is a rotary-wing drone. Users of this manual must, therefore, remain continuously aware of the distinction between this vehicle, on the one hand, and conventional piloted aircraft or fixed wing drones (like Predator) on the other hand. Read this manual carefully; it contains valuable information specific to the drone and its guidance system. It is the drone controller's responsibility to know everything in this Flight Manual. 


  This manual provides the best available operating instructions, but no manual can substitute for sound judgment, good operating practices, and a thorough understanding of the system. Get to know the equipment. Remember the fundamental principles of helicopter aerodynamics. Develop good drone controller habits. You can handle emergencies best if you know everything about the system. 

Figure 1; Navy Model QH-50D Drone



    This Flight Manual is maintained current through an active revision program. Frequent conferences with operating personnel and review of accident reports, flight test reports, performance analysis control directives, etc., assure inclusion of the latest information in the manual. If you have any recommendations for improvement of the manual, or if you have any information you would like to pass along to other drone controllers, we should like to know of it. 
    Please contact the GHHF's Program Manager at the following address: Gyrodyne_History@Yahoo.com  to make any such reports.

    To begin your education, start with Section I and work your way through the materials, but work through the sections IN ORDER as knowledge in the preceding section is required for the subsequent sections. Click on the "section" button or the hyper linked "name" of the section to enter that section. Best of luck to you in your education, as a DASH DRONE CONTROLLER!  

An Introduction to the Drone Helicopter and the Systems that operated it.

These are the procedures to plan and execute a flight with the Drone and what to watch for.

When things go wrong, you'll be glad you read this section!

You'll need to know how to work this equipment if you hope to load torpedoes on your Drone, let alone move it!

Operating within the limitations of the Drone is the only way to safely fly!

Turbulence and ship movement will all effect your flight; study these challenges!

The "HOW" section of how all these systems work together; illustrated!

What are the responsibilities of the "on-board" crew of a QH-50? Hanging on is one!

What happens if you fly your drone into a fog bank? A solution is here plus others!

: How FAR you can operate your drone? That depends on the altitude you are flying at - Learn those limitations here for mission success!



   The Gyrodyne Helicopter Historical Foundation dedicates this DASH Drone Training Section to the memory of 
Mr. Don Hollis
, Gyrodyne QH-50 Test-Pilot (seen left flying a manned-QH-50C)and one of the first DASH Drone Controllers and to all the Navy, ARMY and Civilian DASH Drone controllers that subsequently followed in Don's footsteps. 

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